Zombies== Zombies are enemies you encounter in the game, they come in different types:

Zombie (Normal): A common zombie you can find everywhere. Their speed walk is slow and they deal low damage

Zombie (Explosive): An uncommon zombie. You can recognize it by green tumors and really slow speed walk.They explode when hit.

Zombie (No legs): This zombie is recognized to be on the floor, another common zombie, the speedwalk is really fast and it can kill you if it continues to hit you, beware.

Zombie (Mutant) : A rare yet deadly zombie, you can recognize it by a tentacle, two heads and a skeleton leg, The attacks of this zombie deal good amount of damage and intoxicate you. The HP of this zombie is BIG.

Zombie (Screamer): Another really rare zombie, you can recognize it by shiny eyes, once killed, the zombie screams to death at the end, it explodes.

Satan Helper: It spawns helping Satan. It can be recognized by its red color and black wings, This zombie is fast, but really weak.