Transfuser Edit

== The Transfuser. Thing thing noone really knows about. The beta testers aren't telling us anything and the admins are keeping quiet. Well, I recently got some photos of the Tranfuser from a friend. This page will be to discuss the Tranfuser and how it may look when the update is done.


What it basically is Edit

== The Tranfuser is basically a Minecraft work bench. You put a item or two in it and then, Wa-lah! You have your new item. As the Tranfuser is still a work-in-progress, we can only see on craft recipe. That crafting recipe is the Corrupter of All. In order to make it, according to the Transfuser, is that you need a Golden Swagshooter and 4 *Dark Overside Crystals*.

RobloxScreenShot10192015 000400726

The Corrupter of All crafting recipe in the Tranfuser.

RobloxScreenShot10192015 000820474

We can see here that so far the only available items to craft are weapons. Those weapons are Corrupter of All, AWP of Nuke Shots, Dragon Fire, Juvinial, Magma M249, Magma Tac-50 and a Magma FN SCAR.

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