Silver Striker:

Description: A Silver-colored Shotgun

Ammo: Slugs (used to be 12 gauge drum till the update)

Rarity: Rare (among all the rare weapons, this is probably the most common)

Pros: Fairly good damage (usually 1-shots players if you can get close enough)

"common" for a rare weapon (If you want one, I would suggest wandering around the tunnels)

Cons: slow-ish reload time

bad range

its a shotgun...its not very accurate, xD (unless at close range)

Tips and Tactics:

-When using this, it is suggested you equip a silencer and a barrel (flash hider is optional, but if you're using a shotgun, you're gonna have to get close so it's kind of useless)

-When using this gun in combat, the most effective plan is to have an assault rifle of some sort to distract/lure enemies. After they begin chasing you, back up behind a building and go into 3rd person mode, allowing you to see when they are coming. Spray them with the shotgun as soon as they get close enough.

-Another method is to have one ally distract them from a distance, while you circle around and attack them from behind.

-When defending against this gun, it is suggested you buy many medkits and wear a vest. When fighting someone with a shotgun, keep at a distance. If you are too close, keep backing away while simultaneously shooting at them. Another effective way is if you know they are using a shotgun, simply snipe have the advantage of range :P