The SafeZone for Deadzone Remade is an area where people arrive when they spawn/respawn. It is possible to kill others at the area and is impossible to be killed without resetting(You can die by the fall damage). This area contains everything needed to start out, prepare and teleport.

Just saying their is a gitch if lucky you can gitch to SZ and you can fire your weapon D:

First time playing Deadzone Remade Edit

If the person is to be playing Deadzone Remade for the first time, they will come up with a loading screen and instructions on how to stay alive. They spawn in/on top of a building that currently has a use of being a spawn point.

The person that has spawned will have obtained the Ruger, a small backpack, and two .22 Clips.



The Bank is an area where you can store items. If you access it (Q), a screen will show up with eleven Slot Selectors on the right, and a bunch of empty slots. Each Slot Selector has thirty-six Slots.


The Shop stall is an area where you can buy various amounts of items with currency (GC and Money) to aid a yourself/others in adventuring/building/etc. in Deadzone Remade. They hold items that are key to surviving. There are six slots to select:

GC Weapons

GC Misc

GC Ammo





The Stylist allows you to change your looks to your desire for free.

Unknown Gold Man Edit

He's a man in the Deadzone Remade Safezone that acts as a robux vendor to players,selling rare items off for a price of robux. He appears to be a wearing a Gold Hat, lying comfortably in his chair.