The Riptide Edit

The Riptide is an admin weapon designed by Elyeuss for Dartura, it's a recreation of the FN P90 S, the weapon takes regular 9mm Custom(40) and can deal lots of damage with a few shots, especially when heavily modified.

Status Edit

Damage: 4800 + Bleed

Ammo: 9mm Custom(40)

Dartura with the Rip Tide

Dartura wielding his own Riptide

Rate of fire: Fast

Rarity: Very rare

Recoil: Low

Obtain: Trading, Killing Dartura when he's using it.

Side notes Edit

- The Rip tide looks somewhat similar to the water stream.

- Despite being made for him, Dartura rarely uses it.

- Dartura will drop 1 or 2 per server upon death, he does not want to distribute them massively

- When modified by a Pewifier or FMJ, Dartura claims it deals around 7000 Blood