Reyne's current attire

Reyne is the creator of this game inspiring this wiki. There was and still a long debate on Reyne's gender but I think its Male ( This is not confirmed, but I bet its true). He does have a sister so maybe thats why they thought he was a she. He has a group on Roblox called #Reynesnation and I recommend you join it if your a fan of the game.


Not much to say here but, that Reyne is actually not a bad person. Sure he gets mad, but we all get mad sometimes. Cut him some slack because he gets so much hate. He in most of his comments is informative about his game showing he is loyal to the fans as the fans are loyal to him.

Orgin of the Delayer of updates.Edit

Reyne gave this name to himself after he was getting hate from people saying that he promised an update. This shows how the April fools update was an April fools. But, loyal fans, like me really don't care.

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