In Dead Zone Remade, there are weapons such as swords, pistols, and MGs. These weapons can be very common throughout the game. Some weapons, however, are special and hard to obtain, these are called rares. Rares can be obtained in 4 ways: 1. Finding them in the dead zone. 2. Trading, drop parties, or killing. 3. Doing the Game of Luck or getting them in crates. 4. Special holiday events such as Halloween or Christmas. I find the best way to get rares is through drop parties. Some examples of rare weapons go as follows:

AWP of Nuke Shots - An AWP sniper that takes explosive tipped ammo. It explodes on impact with enemy. Almost always kills. (obtained through game of luck or twitter code.)

SU-95 Resonator - A blue colored assault rifle that takes SU-95 Resonator Drums. It has no special ability other than looking cool. (obtained through finding in the dead zone and is one of the more common rares.)

Reyne's Scythe Of Uberness - A purple/glowing scythe that looks completely bad ass. Its only special ability is its trading power. This item is very rare and is a good trading item to hold on to. (obtained through special event or trading.)

Red Baron!!!!! - The absolute, ultimate, and rarest sniper of all of dead zone, mostly because its not in the game anymore. The special ability of this gun is its insane damage. (cannot ever be obtained, not even by hackers.)

Sorry for that last one. So there u go, a quick summary of what rare items are. There are still a shit ton of items that are not on this list.