PGM Hecate II Edit

Name: PGM Hecate II

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The in-game gun model of the PGM Hecate II.

Weapon Type: Sniper

Damage: 2 Shot kill. 1 Shot if headshot. 2-3 shot if wearing vest.

Rarity: Very Rare (But still *findable* in Deadzone)

Ammo Type: .308 Winchester

Statistics Edit

Pros: Edit

  • *Findable* in Deadzone
  • Uses .308 Winchester which can be bought at shop.
  • Like most snipers, built in scope.

Cons: Edit

  • Sniper (Low rate of fire)
  • Low amount of bullets per round
  • Bad at close range (hard to hit unless scoping)

Triviva Edit

  1. A version of the PGM Hecate II is used the the famous anime Sword Art Online in the Phantom Bullet arc.
  2. In the show, it is an extremely rare boss drop, and is used by the secondary protagonist in that arc, Sinon who, with the help of that gun is considered the best sniper in the game. (GGO)