The gunsEdit

Magma M249Edit

RobloxScreenShot10212015 120656954

The Magma M249 in-game gun model.

It's your basic Magma gun. It's an LMG


Uses: SVB (Star void box)

Damage: Around 80

Mag size: 400

Store cost: N/A

Rarity: Very rare

Writer's opinionEdit

Ehh, It's alright, But if you want to fight Diablo with this, Forget about it, you need like 10 SVB's...

Although if you are in a team of 3 if you all have this then the Diablo will die very quickly.

Magma Tac-50Edit

RobloxScreenShot10212015 120403036

The Magma Tac-50 in-game gun model.

The sniper of the Magma weapons


Uses: SVR (Star void round)

Damage: 11000 - 10000 (Garenteed kill, unless facing a hacker! Actually, Hacker will die too cos its 1 hit K.O.)

Mag size: 10

Store cost: N/A

Rarity: Super rare

Writer's opinionEdit

I have tried this and it is a very good sniper. Mostly one hits and if going against a hacker, go and kill him with a katana.

Magma FN SCAREdit

RobloxScreenShot10212015 120623449

The Magma FN SCAR in-game gun model.

Somewhat good Machine gun type.


Uses: Star Void box

Damage: 11000 - 10000

Mag size: 400

Store cost: N/A

Rarity: Super rare

Writer's opinionEdit

Very good weapon, same as the Magma M249 but not to be used without good aim as if you die you will lose a rare gun. Not to be used if you felt angry or raged as you will lose it.


These need editing:

Magma AK47



Diablo's Blade