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The M107 in-game gun model.

M107 Edit

The M107 is a weapon that can be found in Deadzone and in Weapon Crates. It is considered one of the best non-rare snipers. It is black and uses .50 Magazine as it's ammo.

Statistics Edit

Name: M107

Weapon Type: Sniper

Damage: 1-Shot kill depending on range/vest

Rarity: Fairly Uncommon, Avalible from GoL(Game of Luck) and Weapon Crates

Ammo: .50 Magazine

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros Edit

  • It's one of the best non-rare snipers.
  • Found in Weapon Crates.
  • Ammo is buyable in shop.

Cons Edit

  • It's recoil is bad.
  • Has a somewhat long shot delay.
  • Low fire rate. (It's a sniper :P)

Tips | Written by -------- (Hypercat, I wrote almost all of these ._.) Edit

For users:

Its best to have a flash hider (rare deadzone attachment) and a silencer equipped.

It is also recommended to equip a grip or bipod to reduce recoil

Also, you better practice quickscoping...its a skill you're gonna need (xD)

For fighting people with the M107:

Use a heavy spraying weapon like the PKM while walking left and right.

If you're a good sniper, you could also just kill them with one...if they don't get you first.

At close range, shotguns are extremely effective, but watch shot from the gun and you're dead :P