Cause he is so, fab fab fabulous ~ Killzone4000 Edit

Killzone4000 is a known admin within Deadzone Remade, He's known for sending silly notifications and hosting drop parties in the safezone, he also has his own gun; Killzone's AW Carbine, which is a very powerful weapon.

In-game actions and reputation Edit

Killzone is one of the more generous or kinder admins within Deadzone remade, he's known to do drop parties as said before, and ten ds to players more often then other admins since he is barely seen in the Deadzone itself. He's likely to be able to help you with fixing reputation or hacked status in general, he's a reliable admin overall, alike Elyeuss.

Combat Edit

Not much is known about how Killzone fights, he mostly stays in the safezone and is a general community man.


Killzone's current avatar


Side notes Edit

- His admin weapon is Killzone's AW Carbine

- He has sung a part of Pewdiepie's Fab song with Dartura