Elyeuss 2015 Edit


Elyeuss is a well-known admin in Deadzone Remade, he's helped Reyne by contributing a remade version of every firearm in the game, he also helps out in the community and is one of the most tolerant and laid back admins in Deadzone Remade. Elyeuss is also a seasoned players with around 3,000 player kills, in-game, Elyeuss likes to use 9mm weapons, such as the Reyne's big 99883838872782928272828763 Mile fuckstick or the FN P90 S, he is also very good at drop shots as he is building unique fire-arms. Don't judge him based on the way he is in game. He's.. different.

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When playing in-game Edit

Elyeuss is known to go idle out of the blue and fail to reply to any questions, it's better to ask him something when he resumes moving. Elyeuss shows that he cares a lot for the community , he takes time to answer questions and refuses to wear his admin suit due to it lagging players. Elyeuss also farms reputation at the Arctic Base, it's most likely you'll find the admin there murdering zombies for the benefit of his reputation in-game, this method of reputation is not illegal, though if you plan to murder the admin, this is likely the place to fight him. If you do decide to engage Elyeuss, keep in mind he is VERY GOOD at dropshots, it's better to stay out of sight with a weapon that can deal lots of damage.


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