Death (or Game Over) occurs when your blood level reaches 0, This can happen by Zombie, Player or Falling
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The death screen (Sorry for cursor block)

Stopping deathEdit


If you're on a cliff, Like Snipers usually are, Then stay away from the edges (Unless you glitch your way down), this is one of the most frequent deaths for new players
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A player (Me :P)


Unless they have a positive rep and you do too, Or vise versa, They most likely aren't a threat. Bandits however, If you see one, Run UNLESS you have a weapon stronger or as strong as theirs, Players are the most frequent death for everyone


Ah, the zombies, They're the main enemy in this game (Apart from the bosses) they spawn most often around
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Mutant zombie

the Church (INSERT ANY ELSE HERE) They can also spawn in a camp that leads to the snow area, Christmas Island, and the bridge. Also, zombies can be Very, VERY deadly in swarms, Probably one of the most frequent deaths for new
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Undead construction worker (Sorry for white screen, Leg was broken and I was dead)

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Boomer! *Explodes*

players and unarmed/low-power players.

Reset Edit

If you open up the menu and click reset you will die in the game. It is the equivalent to suicide.

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Two zombies