All new players start off as a civilian. Below are the ranks one can receive from killing players and completing comissions, in order from the top positive ranks from the top negative ranks (along with their corresponding colors).

+7. Light Bringer

+6. Saint of Sanctuary (Ukon)

+5. Omega hero (Lime)

+4. Hero (Bright Blue)

+3. Guardian (Cyan)

+2. Lawman (Azure)

+1. Deputy (Navy blue)

0. Civilian (White)

-1. Outlaw (Black)

-2. Thug (Dark grey)

-3. Bandit (Red)

-4. Assassin (Bright Red)

-5. Serial killer (Dark red)

-6. Destroyer Of Worlds (Maroon)

-7. Lucifer

All commissions affect your reputation. Killing players with a positive or 0 reputation will cause yours to fall, while killing those with bad reputations will allow yours to increase.