Bosses are the strongest and by far most desirable mob in Deadzone Remade.

To summon a boss, you'll need an Ancient Forsaken Key and the spawner that corresponds with the boss.

Once killed, the boss will drop a chest, along with other loots (for example, more Boss Spawners and Ancient Forsaken Keys).

The two known bosses are Diablo and Baal.

Diablo is the most common boss in the game. All the bosses are giant, meaning that Diablo is no different. Red, resembling the devil, this boss can spawn entities known as Minions to assist him. It should also be noted that they spawn repeatedly, so be careful when fighting this boss. When the commission about killing 10 zombies are active, murdering Minions will also add to the threshold, making it easier to complete.

Diablo can drop the El Diablo gun and the Corrupter of All, plus many more, including the strongest melee in the game, Diablo Blade of Burning Hell.

Baal is thought to be the easiest boss by most. Large like the other boss(es), Baal is brown and holds a scythe. It is speculated that this boss was modeled after Death (or the Grim Reaper).

The best chest drop is the Diamond Chest, which holds a Baal or a Diablo Spawner, 4 Ancient Forsaken Keys, 3 Tokens, and 2 Diablo Crates of Unforgiving Terror which can hold El Diablo, Corrupter of All, and other weapons/gear. Next is the Gold Chest which holds 1 Diablo Crate of Unforgiving Terror, 1 Ancient Forsaken Key and 1 Token. Down in prestige, the Silver Chest can hold 2 Ancient Forsaken Key and 1 Token. Lastly is the Bronze Chest which holds 1 token and 1 ancient forsaken key. Bear in mind that the statistics are from the analogies of players and are subject to change.

Although the bosses may seem menacing, many find trapping the boss, and then spamming bullets is effective. Also certain guns, such as the shotgun Saiga Avenger, are grest at killing them fast.

Bosses are spawned in Hell Tower, located inside of Magma City.

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