Assistance on issues in Deadzone Edit

Assistance on varies issues in Deadzone remade, it's very possible to be bankwiped, money wiped, or have reputation changed by an exploiter. Admins are in the game to help you with these issues, as long as you cooperate then they can easily help you.

First of all, the Admins cannot help you without proof, it's always a good idea to screenshot your bank or rep (F12) in case you ever experience an issue, having proof like this will help you quickly and make it easier for you and the admin.

Keep your proof updated, take videos, screenshots and pictures of your proof so that you don't lose a single point of rep or any items from your bank, without proof of your wipe, an Admin cannot help you.

The most effective way to show an admin proof is to use a program like Gyazo, Puush, or Lightshot, simply link the admin to the screenshot created by the program, some admins will only take this as proof, as some will not give out their Skype.If you are wiped, or your rep is changed, show an admin your proof through the link, you will require more then one screenshot for some admins, a screenshot of your status before you they were changed, or a picture of your bank before it was wiped, and then a picture with the admin displayed on the leader board.

Rep wipes and Money wipes are an easy fix, however, Admins do not have the time to restore your bank, keep in mind you will not obtain all your items back after a bankwipe, in many cases, admins will give you strong weapons and some cash to use to get you back on your feet.